How do Personalization Platforms like Right Message Identify Visitors ?

Visitor Identification is a crucial step for any of personalization platforms. Because, it forms the basis for segmentation. Today, we will focus on one such platform which is “Right Message“.

Right Message is a website personalization platform. You might have heard about Adobe Target which is enterprise grade and is used to personalize content on different touch points like Kiosks, IOT devices etc. and not just website.

I was interested to explore what can this platform achieve and I am not surprised to see a good amount of high value use cases being captured.

So, How does Right Message do it ?

Right message has a very clear approach on audience/visitor identification. They use the following approach:

  1. First, use 1st party or 3rd party data
  2. Second, use  behavioral or on site data
  3. Lastly, use survey data

Level 1

If 1st party data or 3rd party data is available use those. It provides an Out of the box capability though this is common with other tools, the good thing is – the focus to integrate Email Service Providers with the website.

Visitor Identification with 1st party or 3rd party data/ already available data is more concrete.

Level 2

The use of behavioral or on site data is the next toolkit used to identify the visitor. It provides decent options like – pages visited, referring domain, geo location etc. These are really the key variables used for identification.

It seems to have missed variables like – “time spent on the site”.

Level 3

The survey data, this is last resort to identify & segment the visitor. Good to see this out of box and receiving the key attention it deserves. Opens up doors for various use cases.

  1. One can really ask the intent or interest level in a survey and then display right messaging accordingly
    1. Categories in eCommerce – What are you shopping for ?
    2. What type of place you want to book – Villa/ Hotel/ PentHouse ?

This feature is almost close to having a chatbot on the site. You respond to some questions and you get what you want.

The chatbot experience along with Right Message’s Personalization on the site would be great to see in action.

Note: Comments based solely on secondary research, no affiliation with the product. 

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