How to Crack Adobe Campaign Certification ?

In this post I will explain the methodology which I followed to crack the Adobe Campaign Business Practitioner Certification. This certainly helped me get certified in October 2018. Below is the action plan which i followed :

Download the syllabus

Once you have the syllabus handy, make sure you know what are the different areas you will be tested on. Don’t just glance through it – you should know the areas when somebody asks you. For example – topics like segmentation, configuring a delivery are mentioned very clearly. The weight age is also given which should give you an idea on where to spend more efforts


Login to campaign and try to play around with it. Just explore the different features of the tool.

Example – create a test campaign and do segmentation. Configure a delivery and see what options you have. Where are the seeds and control population get configured ? Where is web Analytics set up ? How to set approvals ?

Pay great attention to the following concepts :

  • Targeting dimension and filtering dimension.
  • Direct email
  • Importing data into Campaign
  • Delivery options
  • Different activity types – Enrichment, Query etc. Think more from a business case and how you will use these.

It is very important to try these out and take screenshots so that you remember. Make Notes. Make a checklist of items which you want to cover later or are a little gray for you.

Read the documentation

Cant stress this enough. Most people think that they will be able to get through without much effort. That can happen – but what is the use ? It is important to read and understand the documentation.

Watch videos

Whatever training or access you have – watching training videos helps to understand topics quickly.

Solve questions

Very important to test your understanding and this can only be done through solving questions.

Relax and appear

Take the exam. Don’t be afraid, chances are that you will clear it if you have some hands on on Adobe Campaign

I hope this post will help you to get certified.

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