Adobe Campaign – Cool Features

Adobe Campaign offers a sea of opportunities in the area of multi channel marketing.

Below are few of the features of Adobe Campaign that I find really cool:

Core Campaign Management

Under this I would put together what features Adobe Campaign offers for the simple act of sending a marketing communication out.

  1. Sophisticated email delivery mechanism: The activities like scheduler enable you to schedule a delivery for any given condition. It offers great flexibility and automation opportunities. What it means is that you can schedule a campaign for common use cases like birthday emailer within just a few minutes. Read more here at the official documentation.
  2. Set content & target approval on email deliveries
  3. Send a proof of delivery. This is useful to verify how the email copy would look like
  4. Ability to add seeds, control population to your email delivery
  5. Personalize – subject line, email body etc.
  6. Schedule transaction based marketing campaign
  7. Run not just email but SMS, push notification or direct mail campaign. In this regard, a direct mail campaign means you can send a list of recipients to a delivery provider like DHL
  8. Typologies – These are like last gate keepers; global system rules to be set up.

Campaign Segmentation

  1. Ability to segment aka write queries without SQL know how. This also means you can do advanced things with tables like joins, intersections, unions, subsets etc. This really empowers non technical folks to do segmentation. However, in real life scenario before running a campaign always be very thorough with DB fields.
  2. Ability to provide tracking information – Opens, Clicks etc. It provides OOTB reports. As this data is stored in delivery logs you can use this in segmentation
  3. Build filters – so that they can be easily plugged in while doing segmentation or verifying counts when you hit a DB


  1. Ability to integrate with your CRM . Hence, you can pull in recipients into Adobe Campaign and you can also export tracking logs out from Campaign. You can have an FDA set up with your CRM or have sFTP files delivered in Adobe Campaign.
  2. Ability to integrate with Adobe Analytics – This is especially used for sending campaign tracking data to Analytics or sending segments into Campaign for running a marketing campaign.
  3. Ability to import CSV files directly containing records to run a Campaign.

So, there you go. These are few of the features in Adobe Campaign which I really enjoy working on and make life easy.

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