Adobe Campaign Standard Vs Adobe Campaign Classic

‘When I started using ACS, I had these beginner questions:

  1. What is ACS?
  2. How much does it differ to ACC?
  3. What are those key areas of difference?
  4. How much time will be required to learn ?

So, here is a quick one.

ACS is the Cloud version of Adobe Campaign. Adobe Campaign Classic can be deployed on on-premise or hybrid but ACS is the cloud based version.

Once you start using it you will get a feel that it extends the same thought process of other Adobe Products which is – “build an end to end Marketing Suite accessible on cloud”.

Since, ACS is cloud based, and it is intended to address the typical core use cases – it has comparatively lesser features than ACC. ACC is a full blown campaign solution. If you want to do anything which can be done in the world of campaigns use ACC.

You can go into any of the activities and compare them and you will get the difference. Also, there are lesser number of activities in ACS. The API calls in ACS are REST based while in ACC those are SOAP based – so thats a key difference.

Honestly, I am still getting my head around most of the stuff there is in ACS.

If you are well versed with ACC, you will find ACS much simpler and cleaner. It will just take a few months time to understand the terminology related nuances.

Some terminology related nuances in ACS:

  • In ACS, schemas are called resources (database resources to be precise), seeds are called Traps etc.
  • Some activity names are different as well (I will do a detailed post on this later)

Rest of the things are pretty same. The concepts are the same – typologies, deliveries, etc.

However, there are limitations in ACS. I am giving few of these below:

  1. You can’t really query a schema/resource directly
  2. You can’t slice & dice data within the workflow. This is a big limitation
  3. You can’t use JS in a workflow. Again a big limitation

They say and even i have realized – whatever you can do in ACC you can do in ACS.

Official documentation link.

P.S : Let me know, if you have noticed any other points of disparity between the two. I know there are many 🙂 Cheers, Have a great time with ACS.

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