The most important Analytics you need to set up on your site

There is no one size fits approach for setting up Analytics. Different companies have different requirements like the below:

  1. A dating app or jobs portal
    1. Would want to know how to match users
    2. Which types of offers are leading to more paying subscriptions
    3. Are there any dead ends aka no mans land pages or error screens
  2. A retailer would
    1. Want to know which products to promote and to whom,
    2. Events leading to conversion
    3. Optimizing the key conversion flows/ key user journey
    4. Time spent on different categories/products
  3. A loyalty website would want to know which rewards are resonating and with which tier members
  4. A subscription business would want to know the reasons for churn and retention among all the above things from its Analytics Team

So, do you see a trend ?

It is all about

  1. Defining the primary objectives of the site and then
  2.  Assigning KPIs or metrics to track these objectives

These KPIs or metrics are the most important Analytics metrics you need to set up on site. In general, I have seen a pattern for different verticals. The metrics & dimensions fall into below categories:

  1. Traffic & its sources
  2. Conversions
  3. Content/ pages on the site
  4. Campaigns
  5. Audience behavior on the site
  6. Errors/ No mans land

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