Some Great Products: The wildcraft laptop bag

It is commendable if somebody can re-imagine an existing product and make it as fulfilling as possible. One such product I recently stumbled upon is the laptop bag. After reading “Design of everyday things” and some books on Interior design I have come to acknowledge what a good design is.

Most of the laptop bags I have seen seem very generic (aka commodities) and I haven’t found much differentiation between such bags.

Let’s take a look at few of the different laptop bags .

  1. The basic bag – It just has two compartments. One for laptop, and another one for miscellaneous items. It has water bottle holders on the sides
  2. The enhanced bag – It has more than two compartments. It also has some performance characteristics likeĀ  Ergonomic design, ultra light weight and sturdiness
  3. The Warrior bag – It has more than three compartment. Also, each compartment can also be compartmentalized in turn. There are like holders for pens, keys etc. And then there are chains which can be used to lock stuff inside. In short, we have various multi level organizers for each of the compartments.
  4. The Hero – It would have all of the above. It would also have
    1. Quick access side pockets to pull out things like chocolates, pens, airlines tickets etc. as needed
    2. Quick grab haul loop also has enough space so that things like neck pillows or sanitizers can be attached to it
    3. Above all of this, it also has a rain cover . So that when it rains, you dont need to panic, you just pull off the rain cover and the entire bag can be protected. How cool is that !!
    4. In addition to this – it comes in different colors and is cool to carry along with

This was one of the perfect products, which I saw recently in a Wildcraft store. I dont have an online link to it yet , but you can find out offline.

Wildcraft has defined the perfect bag. To quote some Marketing theory here – taking it from a : core product/ Generic Product/ Expected Product to an Augmented Product/ Potential Product.

Do let me know – if any product recently has amazed you.

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