How to Crack Adobe Analytics Business Practitioner Certification

Below are some of the key strategies which helped me crack the Adobe Analytics Business Practitioner Exam.

I am bound by confidentiality agreements and can’t divulge the exact questions- however, I can share my preparation strategy.

Know the syllabus and key topics

This is the first and most important step of the preparation. Once you download the syllabus from this link, pay key attention to the topics. Broadly the topics include:

  1. Conducting Business Analysis
  2. Reporting & Dashboarding
  3. Segmentation
  4. Administration & Troubleshooting

Below topics play a crucial importance in the life of a Business Practitioner,so master these :

  1. Sharing of reports and dashboards to executives
  2. Campaign URLs
    1. which URL is the right one from a group of URLs ? These URLs had query string parameters.
    2. Which URL is not correct given a few channels
    3. How to set up Campaign Tracking
  3. Segmentation – What happens to the population size when the container changes from Visitor /Hit/ Visit etc.

Understand the Tool

Log into Adobe Analytics and actually investigate the distinct areas of the tool. Few areas worth studying are :

  1. Reports & Analytics- What are the default reports & how they appear. In which format can one share reports ? How to add segments from here ? What scheduling options does one have ?
  2. Analysis Workspace- How can reports be shared and in what format ? How can one compare two different segments ? How can reports be scheduled ? What can be the segments here ? How do I restrict view to audience ?
  3. Adobe Analytics in General- Understand the difference between Data Warehouse, Report Builder, Data Feeds to a minimum. Also, understanding of Adobe Analytics concepts like Variables, Classifications does help.

Watch Videos, Read blogs, do whatever – but clarify the concepts.

Dont Give Up

I found the Adobe Analytics Business Practitioner Exam to be tougher than the Campaign one. Appear for the exam once you are fully prepared and did your bit.

You might feel like quitting in the middle of exam but don’t give up. Just stay with it and take each question one by one.

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